Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that our chapter is entirely run by volenteers? Crazy right? To help us focus our time on bringing you great events instead of answering routine questions, please go through the list of Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting a question to us directly. If you don't find your answer please email us at

  • Q: I am an Eversource employee, how should I register for a montly meeting?

A: Eversource employees are not charged individually for montly meetings. Please contact Joe Hall to request a special coupon code only for Eversource employees, which will wave the cost of registereing online for a montly meeting.

  • Q: How do I post a job openning?

A: If your company is a chapter sponsor, please go here to submitt a job opening. If your company is not a chapter sponsor, please consider becoming a sponsor. It provides many more benefits than just being able to post job opennings. please go here for more information.

  • Q: The meeting registration is closed, but I would really like to go to the meeting. What do I do?

A: For most events (not the Energy Outlook or Golf Outting) you can register at the door. Please bring cash. We will give you a reciept so you can expense the cost later if applicable. Sorry, but you have lost your chance to get the early bird discount.

  • Q: I'm a speaker. I don't have to pay at the meeting I'm presenting at, right?

A: Right. However, we would still like to you register so that we have enough food for you. Please contact Sam Nutter to get a special coupon code to use while registering.

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