2021 Call for AEE Scholarships!

2021 Call for Scholarships!

Applications Due 4/20/21


The New Year brings the call for AEE student scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. Scholarships of $1,000 are sponsored by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Foundation and also our New England AEE Chapter. 


Purpose & Eligibility

The AEE Foundation Scholarship program was established to encourage qualified students majoring in energy engineering or management, facilities engineering or management, or related studies, to further education and recognition in the field. Scholarships are available to full-time students in the 2021-2022 academic year leading to a 4-year degree or post-graduate degree at an accredited college.  Awards are based on academics, character, and financial need. 


How to Apply

The one-page application form is located on the AEE National website.

  1. Copy and paste the following address into your browser, and go to the webpage:
  1. Scroll down a little and on the right-had side of the webpage under ‘Important News and Links’ double-click the Student Application for Scholarship to download it. Complete the application and also provide the required attachments:  
  • A personal recommendation letter from faculty, corporate, or non-profit entities which describes your academic standing, character and financial need.
  • A Current transcript.
  • A 100-300 Word Statement describing why you wish to study energy engineering or energy management. This Statement must also describe financial need.
  1. Submit the one-page application plus the three attachments described above. Applications and attachments must be submitted to us via the email or mailing address below (electronic is preferred) by April 20, 2021. If selected, we will generate a Chapter Recommendation and forward it with your application to AEE.  AEE Foundation winners will be announced August 1st, and AEE New England Chapter winners will be announced on or about August 15th


Contact   (Do not hesitate to contact me with questions if necessary)

Email Address:      [email protected]

Mailing Address:   Dan Wheatley, Scholarship Chair, AEE New England Chapter
                              Energy & Fluids, Inc.
                              PO Box 750060, Arlington, MA 02475

Landline: (781) 648-9337 Mobile: (617) 834-8179  


Comments on Application Attachments from AEE’s Website

  • Current Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts are OK as long as they indicate dates, name of the school, GPA, and complete student identification.
  • Essay: A 100-300 word essay is required, indicating why you want to pursue a career in the energy industry, your financial need, and what your professional/personal goals are.
  • Personal Recommendation Letter: This could come from a school faculty member, corporate, or non-profit entities. No more than 2 letters of recommendation per applicant. The letter should also include a statement of financial need.
  • Additional Documentation: You can provide additional information on any awards you've received, volunteer records, or other relevant experience you want us to consider with your application (no more than 2 pages).


Application Form Issues

The Application form states that the completed form with its attachments should be emailed to directly to AEE. This statement should be removed because the AEE website also states that applicants are to ‘Find your local AEE Chapter and submit your completed application form with supporting documents to them for nomination’. Your application and attachments should be sent to our local AEE Chapter so we can forward them to AEE with our recommendation.

The Application form (PDF) states that the personal statement (or essay) should be 100-300 words. Older application forms may say 50-100 words, but this should be ignored. It is important to meet the current requirement of 100-300 words.


Submittal Deadlines

The AEE website states that students may send their applications in to their local Chapter up until May 1stThis comment should be removed, since we would not have time to receive, review and submit complete applications by May 1st which is also our deadline. As the New England Chapter Scholarship Chairman, I must review each application and complete a nomination and recommendation letter for each applicantIn order to have time to do this I request that applications be sent to me by April 20th.


Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative

NECHPI is coordinating response to the study from Daymark Massachusetts DOER commissioned on the APS program.

Massachusetts DOER has released a study from Daymark they commissioned on the APS program. It recommends reducing the eligibility of CHP in the APS, and claims a lack of economic necessity or environmental benefit in supporting CHP. Massachusetts DOER has solicited response to a list of questions , and is accepting comments through December 4th. NECHPI will be hosting a virtual working group to formulate a comprehensive response to this study on Tuesday, December 1st.


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