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President's Message

February 2021 Presidents Message

Happy 2021 Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful year end and is as excited about 2021 as I am.  2021 has already included big changes with a new presidential administration rolling out new energy and climate policies on day one. We heard several projections about these impacts on our industry at the Annual Energy Outlook, covering both national and local policy.  Great job to everyone involved in making that event such a success.  For anyone who was not able to attend, please visit our past meetings archive for a full recording here.

The February meeting will be a chance to Ask an Energy Expert.  This is a great opportunity to pick the brains of three experts in our industry, each with unique perspectives on Energy Management, Energy Auditing, and Energy Procurement.  We’ve only got a handful of events left after that for our 2020-2021 program year and I encourage everyone to see the full calendar further down in this newsletter. 

Now is also the time the AEE NE Board starts to think about the 2021-2022 program year.  This includes what topics we want for next year’s meetings, changes to the format and/or structure of the meetings, and other ways to best serve our members and sponsors.  I encourage any of you to reach out to me or the board with any requests.





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Meeting Description

February 2021 - Ask an Energy Expert!

Wednesday, February 3rd at 4:30PM - Zoom Meeting

Join us on February 3rd to have your questions answered by three of the most experienced energy efficiency experts in the industry! Whether it's energy management, audits, or procurement, we've got you covered! You'll hear from a Certified Energy ManagerCertfied Energy Auditor, and Certified Energy Procurement Professional (amongst other certifications) and gain insight from their combined 120 years of experience working in energy efficiency. This is also a great networking opportunity to meet likeminded professionals in the industry. 

This meeting will be held on Zoom in an open format, where questions may be asked in the chat and answered on a first come, first serve basis. We will also be accepting and selecting 3-5 questions ahead of the meeting to get us started. You may submit your questions by emailing us at [email protected]. We will grant free admission to those who submit questions that are pre-selected for the meeting. We look forward to your submissions!

Meet the Experts

Fran Boucher - Your Certified Energy Manager

Fran Boucher, CEM, LEED AP works as an Energy Program Specialist with National Grid and has over 25 years of energy and facilities engineering experience. He has led National Grid???s program design and engineering effort for the Cannabis production market in MA and RI since its inception. This includes involvement in 25 plus customer projects ranging from 1500 to 500,000 Sf of canopy area. The bulk of these projects include, complex, highly efficient HVAC systems. An increasing number of applications involve; fuel cells, combined heat and power and gas engine driven chillers. As an early adopter for utilities involved in this market, he has experienced challenges of all kinds including; evolution of the State lighting power standards, changes in market design practices, reworking of failed HVAC designs. Learning the hard way, he as unpacked multiple examples with energy savings falling well short of expectations. He has delivered trainings, and professional presentations, on this topic in venues that include; Cannabis World Expo in Boston, New England Real Estate Journal Cannabis Conference and the Boston Society of Architects Summer Study, and webinars by E Source and the Resource Innovation Institute. He has worked with professionals across the county researching this topic, crafting guidelines for utility incentives and reviewing energy savings analysis for numerous growing facility efficiency projects. Over the past 15 years is speaking resume includes dozens of national and regional presentations for; ASHRAE, Labs 21, ACEEE, New Buildings Institute and Boston Society of Architects, NESEA and more.

Joseph Hall - Your Certified Energy Auditor

Joseph Hall is an energy efficiency pioneer whose career evolved in 3 phases. Beginning as energy auditor in 1976, he performed 1,000 commercial audits in the USA. In the '80s, computer technology enabled Building Automation Systems to replace traditional building controls. Again, he was again an early adopter working in sales person for Andover Controls and Carrier Corp. At Ameresco, he sold investment grade energy performance contracts. The third phase was deploying energy efficiency programs for utilities. For the past 25 years, Joe was a lead technical engineer at National Grid and Eversource in front-line retail and go-to-launch strategies for market-transorming technology and customer initiatives.

Rich Costello - Your Certified Energy Procurement Professional

Rich Costello is a registered professional engineer and was previously the Power Supply Manager for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, as well as, a Senior Engineer in the Load Management Department of Boston Edison. He holds a M.S. in Engineering Management from Western New England College and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. Mr. Costello also conducts Energy Procurement and Management Seminars nationwide for the Association of Energy Engineers. Rich was the National President of the Association for the Year 2000, and recently received the 2003 Energy Professional of the Year Award from the organization. In 2006, he was inducted into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame.




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Registration is now open for the AEE East Virtual Expo

Energy Conference & Expo | Virtual | March 24 - 25, 2021

Click Here For Additional Information!

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Future Meetings


Month Topic Date Time Venue
Feb Customer Expert Roundtable Feb 3rd 5 p.m.  
Mar ASHRAE Joint Meeting Cogen Installations Mar 9th 5 p.m.  
Apr Career Night Apr 7th 5 p.m.  
May Retro-Commissioning  May 5th 5 p.m.  
Jun Golf Tournament Jun 9th    



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