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President's Message

November is going to be an exciting month. We have two great events in store for you.

On November 6th, come to our regular monthly meeting on strategic electrification. Get past the hype and into the details of what strategic electrification of our transportation, building, and even industrial processes really means. Learn how these initiatives will shape the energy efficiency industry in New England.

Then, on November 19th, take a deep dive with us into design and engineering for net-zero facilities at our annual technology roundtable. This event allows us to go into more depth than our monthly meetings. Come hear from three net-zero facility architects and engineers. This year we are fortunate to have this meeting at the Astra Zeneca building in Waltham, itself a model of sustainable building design.



See you there,

Paul Wassink



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Meeting Description

New England AEE Meeting – Wednesday - November 6th, 2019

Meeting Manager

Richard Costello

“Strategic Electrification”

 Speaker Mackay Miller - Director in the U.S. Strategy Division of National Grid

“Electrify everything” has emerged as an easy-to-understand pathway promising a cleaner and more efficient energy system. Indeed, consensus is emerging that dramatic growth in electrification across transportation, buildings, and even some industrial uses will be one of the key pathways for achieving deep de-carbonization.

Yet while the concept of strategic electrification is easy to understand, many of the key technical and business issues remain underappreciated and unresolved.

Strategic electrification involves switching heating and cooling systems, and other energy systems in your home and business to be electrically powered instead of  fossil fuel based systems.

As a part of a wider de-carbonization strategy, strategic electrification is being deployed in numerous sectors including residential and commercial spaces, transportation, and industry.  By working together with increased efficiency and a cleaner grid, strategic electrification can help us meet aggressive carbon reduction goals by:

  • Dramatically improving the efficiency of all forms of energy use
  • Decarbonizing the electric grid through the use of distributed as well as large-scale renewable energy sources for electricity generation
  • Move appropriate end uses to renewable electricity
  • Use lower carbon fuels like natural gas instead of oil for remaining needs

Come hear about how these issues are impacting the energy industry today and what the role of energy engineers may be in the future.


Mackay Miller is a Director in the U.S. Strategy division of National Grid, where he leads analysis on energy transition and low-carbon business models. Prior to National Grid, he worked for 6 years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, including a 2015 assignment to the U.S. Department of Energy supporting international clean energy policy in the lead-up to the Paris Accords. Mr. Miller holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, and a BA in International Relations from Brown University.



2019 Technical Round Table

Design and Engineering for Net Zero Facilities

Tuesday November 19, 2019

Astra Zeneca

35 Gatehouse Drive

Waltham, MA 02451

8:00 AM – 12:00 noon

Meeting manager Kathy Stanley

Join us for our annual technical round table deep dive into the details of designing and engineering net zero facilities.  This year we will hear from architects and engineers who successfully design and engineer facilities and systems that meet the requirements of these amazing buildings.  When I first decided to address this topic, I had to do a little research on the definition of net zero facility – and I found there is no one answer to that question – it may depend on who you ask!  

Regardless of the source, how we define our targets and goals for net zero buildings is important and success has been more and more achievable for these facilities in designing and building commercial buildings that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions furthering our goals to limit our impact on our world.  Join me and our speakers in understanding our progress in this endeavor. Below please find details about our speakers and abbreviated biographies.  Complete biographies are available at the event.


Martine Dion, FAIA, LEED APBD+C, Principal, Director of Sustainable Design

SMMA | Symmes Maini & McKee Associates

Net Zero Energy Schools: Affordable and Scalable

Martine Dion, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, is Principal and Director of Sustainable Design at SMMA with twenty seven years of experience.  She is the sustainable expert within the firm, providing sustainable design and LEED consulting services to clients.  Ms. Dion has been in charge of the implementation and coordination of sustainable design practices for the firm for the past twenty years and has largely contributed to its consolidation across the firm’s A&E disciplines.

CARLOS G. DeSOUSA, P.E.                                   


Garcia Galuska DeSousa

Mr. DeSousa has over 35 years of experience in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree at the Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in the areas of Electrical and Technology Engineering. As the managing Principal and President of Garcia, Galuska & DeSousa, Inc., Mr. DeSousa is actively involved in all phases of a project's development with a strong focus on Net Zero strategies.

Nicole Voss, AIA, LEED Green Assoc.             



User Engagement in Net Zero Buildings

Nicole Voss is a designer with diverse experience across educational, hospitality, and commercial projects, however, her specialty lies in building performance. Nicole believes that evidence based design should be a driving force across all typologies, with the goal of creating buildings that directly benefit both their occupants and broader communities. Nicole is also interested in resiliency, and has moderated panels on the subject at both the AIA National Convention and Greenbuild International Conference.”

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Check out the City of Springfield's Green Accomplishments!





UCONN School of Engineering now offers a certificate in Power Grid Modernization!  For more information click Here

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Future Meetings


Month Topic Date Time Venue
November Strategic Electrification 11/6/2019 5:30 to 8:30 Embassy Suites
December Energy Auditing Best Practices 12/4/2019 5:30 to 8:30 Embassy Suites
January Energy Outlook 1/8/2020  

Freedom Theater at Raytheon HQ

50 Apple Hill Drive, Tewksbury, MA

February Utility Night 2/5/2020 5:30 to 8:30 Embassy Suites
March How & Why Customers Buy Energy Efficiency 3/4/2020 5:30 to 8:30 Embassy Suites
April Technology Innovation Night - Vendor Night 4/1/2020 5:30 to 8:30 Embassy Suites
May Facility Tour - UMass Lowell 5/20/2020   UMass Lowell
June Golf Outing 6/10/2020   Juniper Hills



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Upcoming Events


November 2019 Events & Energy Connections

  • Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources


This agency oversees all the efficiency and renewable energy programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Their website has much information on programs, grants, and policy developments that impact our industry.

  • Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (MA EEAC),


The EEAC works with the MA utilities and Program Administrators to establish and oversee the goals and  budgets of the MA energy efficiency programs.

  • Clean Energy Center – Clean Energy and Affordable Housing Symposium and Expo


Check out these events at http://www.masscec.com/events/month

  • Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources


Register for email notifications of upcoming events- http://www.energy.ri.gov/meetings/

This agency oversees all the efficiency and renewable energy programs in Rhode Island.  Their website has much information on programs, grants, and policy developments that impact our industry.

  • Rhode Island Energy Efficiency and Resource Management Council


The RIEE&RMC works with National Grid (the only RI utility) and other stakeholders to establish and oversee the goals and budgets of the RI energy efficiency programs.

  • Efficiency Maine


This is the statewide energy efficiency agency for Maine that offers rebates, incentives, and other programs for businesses and consumers. Their website also has information about trainings and links to other resources.

  • Restructuring Roundtable


The Restructuring Roundtable is held 5-6 times per year and presents current topics related to energy efficiency, energy supply, renewable, and public policies.  These events are free to the Roundtable Sponsors but require a fee for the general public. Everyone must preregister. http://clickstreamtv.com/raabevents/ Online streaming is also available.

  •   Northeast Commerce and Energy Association (NECA)


NECA promotes environmentally sound, reliable and cost-effective wholesale and retail markets for the production and delivery of electric power supply, as well as competing energy services and resource alternatives, including conservation, innovative demand-side and power delivery technologies, renewable energy and distributed generation.

  • Affordable Comfort Institute (ACI)

http://www.homeperformance.org/  offers the industry's leading educational events and trade shows in partnership with the nation's leading experts in home performance and weatherization.

  •  BOMA Boston Chapter


BOMA Boston was founded in 1917 and represents commercial real estate professionals in Greater Boston who own, manage or service the established and developing real estate environment. BOMA Boston has over 670 members representing over 100,500,000 square feet of real estate in the Boston area.

There were No Events listed at the time of submission for Publication for the below organizations:

  • IFMA™ Boston Chapter


  • ASHRAE Boston Chapter


  • USGBC Massachusetts Chapter


Lots of great event left in December - visit =>  http://usgbcma.org/events/month

  • IBPSA Boston Chapter


IBPSA-Boston exists to advance and promote the science of building performance simulation in order to improve new and existing building worldwide. It also seeks to act as a forum and a resource for those interested in performing and utilizing building simulation services

  • AFE Chapter 33: Monthly Meeting


  • AFE Chapter 74: Monthly Meeting



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